Com2US releases their new RPG Heroes War onto Google Play

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Written by AndrewH

A few days back we mentioned that Com2Us was having an early registration for their upcoming RPG called Heroes War. Nicely that particular game is now available on Google Play for those of you wanting to get into the game but missed a chance at engaging in the early registration.

For people who missed the previous coverage, Heroes War is a multiplayer RPG exactly where players control categories of heroes. You can either not in favor of other players or even team up with them, it\’s your choice. Heroes in this game can be pretty much everything from a normal human with some extra strength to a vampire or werewolf.

Heroes War Features:

– A visual style straight from the pages from a graphic novel
– Combat created simple with easy controls
– Play with your friends- or against them
– Hours associated with mystery to explore as well as uncover
– Dozens of heroes, every with their own unique abilities
– Calculate their talents and assemble the heroic team associated with champions
– Clear Dungeons with your friends and get special items
– Don\’t miss the exclusive limited-time Dungeons
– Receive special items when you battle upon your friends and win

If you probably did manage to get into the earlier registration for Heroes War, you ought to have already received your email with your signal to redeem for your early registration prize. Everyone else can download Heroes War from Google Play for free right now.

Google Play Hyperlink: Heroes War

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