Former Crackdown/Bioshock developers gearing up to release Planet Rush soon

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Written by AndrewH

Red Radiant Press is a game development studio made up of former Crackdown and Bioshock developers and they happen to be preparing to release a new game soon onto Android called Planet Rush. This particular game is a joint effort between Red Glowing Media and Sought after Cow and is inspired through those old school arcade \’defend your planet through aliens\’ type of game.

In Planet Rush gamers will need to build turrets along with other weaponry on the earth\’s surface in order to protect it against waves of hostile unfamiliar ships intent on taking over your planet. This game has some tower defense mechanics in it as well since you\’ll be able to research and change your turrets as you progress through the waves of enemies.

The evil overload

Planet Rush Functions:

– Fight foes within an endless number of astronomic fights.
– Fast and thrilling gameplay.
– Multi touch regulates for the nimble fingered.
– Defend your own cities with upgradable laser treatment, rocket missiles and powerful explosives.
– Special power-ups and buffs for more epic wins.

Unfortunately we don\’t have any real screenshots or media of this sport just yet aside from a few concept art. Nevertheless, considering who is causeing this to be game we can expect to see some good quality along with Planet Rush. As for when this game will go live, right now it is slated for a September 2013 launch. We will be sure to post an update whenever more details emerge.

Official Web site: Planet Rush

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