Beta sign-ups for Retroburn\’s upcoming Positron racing game coming this weekend

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Back in July of last year we talked about a great looking racing game that also happens to feature bigger picture elements called Positron. Well the developers have announced that they will be launching beta sign-ups for those of you interested in getting in and trying out this rather clever looking Tron inspired sport.

For those of you who missed our previous protection regarding Positron, here is the fast and dirty description. Since you may expect from a Tron influenced game, you will be rushing on light cycles through tracks comprised of Tron style grid visuals with all the glowy lines you can handle. Race tracks look like they are more maze-like then actual race tracks.

There will be 3 different arenas to race in:

Based on the classic Arcade video games this mode views you battling towards enemy vehicles which are trying to destroy a person by forcing you to definitely crash in to their own trails or in to the arena\’s walls. It is your goal to do the same to these enemies and remove them from the arena. Showcasing 12 unique industry designs and designs the levels progressively have more intricate and more difficult to navigate while also providing more opportunities to take out your enemies.

Your only goal in maze mode is to get to the end of an intricate maze laid out in the world. There are no enemies to cope with and your only objective is to reach the exit as quickly as possible. Once you have memorized the path to the exit it is then your goal to complete the maze with out crashing even a solitary time and to share your own fastest times using the online community. The maze mode offers Three difficulty levels, each featuring 12 amounts with increasingly complex mazes to complete.

Somewhat similar to maze mode, within race mode you must complete laps of a circuit laid out in the world. The trick is nevertheless to avoid hitting your personal trail (and the industry walls) on following laps of the tracks! This mode features 12 levels of growing complexity making navigation more difficult as you improvement. Ultimately your goal would be to complete the required number of laps as quickly as possible and share your fastest times with the network.

Positron was slated to be released onto Playstation Mobile when we last reported on it but it seems as though it could very well be released right onto Google Play as well. According to the developer\’s Tweets account, beta sign-ups will be going live someday during this weekend and if you\’re interested in getting involved, it would be good to keep an eye on both the developer\’s Tweets account as well as the game\’s official Twitter for when the sign-ups go reside.

Developer Website: Retroburn Games Studio

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