Japanese arcade bans smartphones and especially Puzzles & Dragons

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Apparently a Japoneses arcade has decided to take steps to ensure that the fine folks who are in their own arcade are spending money and not sitting around actively playing mobile games instead. So what did this arcade do to try to persuade patrons to spend their money on the arcade\’s games? Ban smartphones of course. While this is definitely filed under the \’Humor\’ category of news, there is some fascinating things to note relating to this situation.

One interesting aspect to note is the sign announcing the ban of smartphones on their property doesn\’t just ban them in general but specifically calls out on particular game too. This game is Puzzles & Dragons from GungHo Amusement which has become absurdly popular since its release onto iOS as well as Android, and this is especially true for Japan using the numbers from May 2013 regarding downloads being around 13.3 million within Japan alone. That is about 10% of the countries population which is a great deal. Take the rest of the world into account and you can see how GungHo Entertainment pulls in about $3 million a day in revenue from Puzzles & Dragons.


It appears like people are playing it so much, at least within or near this particular arcade, that it motivated the ban upon smartphones on this home. The sign additionally states that you cannot bring food for the reason that wasn\’t bought in the arcade. Breaking either rule will result in you getting kicked from the arcade.

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