Retro style arcade game Nakama will be heading to Android soon

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Written by AndrewH

A couple of days back a game called Nakama was released onto iOS for iPhone users to play. Nakama is really a rather cool retro looking side-scrolling arcade sport featuring ninjas and the good news about this game is that it will be arriving on to Android courtesy of Crescent Moon Games.

Nakama comes with two different game modes to play through. The interesting thing about this game is that that which you do in the Tale mode can help you in the Endless mode as well. As you progress through the Story mode you will be saving more than one nakama who will eventually help you out in Endless mode. So if you save 3 nakama in Story mode, you\’ll have three of these helping you out in Limitless mode, which means you will get a higher score as well as last longer.

The controls are pretty straightforward while you only have to move left and right. There are a range of attack moves you can do, being a ninja of course, by using a mixture of jump, double leap and the two different attacks available. You\’ll have boss fights to deal with as well, not just a bunch of little enemies to conquer up.

For those of you interested in this game, our buddies at Crescent Moon Games have informed us that Nakama ought to be available on Google Perform within a month\’s time. For now you can check out the game for action in the video beneath.

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