Crescent Moon Games\’ upcoming Mines of Mars gets a new trailer

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Earlier this 30 days we talked about Crescent Moon Games who happens to have a few game titles on the way to Google Play in the very near future. Among those titles also happens to be trying to get on Steam through the Greenlight project and it is called Mines of Mars. Well the fine folks over at Crescent Moon Games have released another trailer for this game showcasing a lot of gameplay that will be coming with Mines of Mars.

For people who missed our previous coverage about this game, Mines of Mars is a dark and atmospheric mining and exploration game. This game isn\’t just a sandbox name like Minecraft or anything like that since there is the storyline to go with this. There are plenty of dark secrets to discover, a variety of opponents to deal with, and plenty of weapons and items to perform all of that with. This is just the storyline part of the game.

Then there is the whole mining / exploration some of it as well where you will be mining as much as you want and you\’ll even be able to perform crazy stuff like Gravity Mining. The entire world is procedurally generated as well therefore it\’ll never be the same every time you play it. Mines associated with Mars will also feature big boss fights, co-op multi-player, an original ambient soundtrack through Evan Gipson and more as well.

In the finish Mines of Mars will be a huge game. As for whenever Mines of Mars will appear, we don\’t know that at this time. However, if you want to assist get it onto Steam, go over to Greenlight and vote for it.

Developer Website: Crescent Moon Games

Steam Greenlight Voting: Mines associated with Mars

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