Sega launches a comeback campaign for Kingdom Conquest II, returning players offered a special prize

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Written by AndrewH

Sega has decided to start a \’comeback campaign\’ for their Kingdom Conquest II title on Android and iOS. This little marketing of theirs is geared towards players who haven\’t logged into the game between June 25th and This summer 25th, 2013. If you have not played the sport during that month of time, and you log in to the game before Sept 5th, 2013, you will receive a rather large bundle called the \”Super Luxurious 11 Item Set\”.

For those of you unfamiliar with this game, Kingdom Conquest II is actually Sega\’s online strategy game where, like the name suggests, players will battle it out with one another whether it be teaming up with friends to take on dungeons to gain recover the cash or going head-to-head in PvP combat. This package that Sega is actually giving out to lure people back into the sport that haven\’t performed during the June25-July25th period of time is fairly big.

Here is what is actually comes with:

– 150,Thousand x Crystals
– 400 x Gold Ticket
– 7 x Premium Ticket (Rare)
– 3 x Premium Ticket (Super Rare)
– Four hundred x Orb Ticket
– +15% all Source Production Boost (Thirty days)
– Maximum Cost Increase Set (30 days)
– +30% Monster EXP Boost (30 days)
– +30% Leader EXP Boost (30 days)
– War Support Package (30 days)
– 12 x Combat Points

So if you happen to play the sport but haven\’t logged into it for some time, now might be a great time to do so if without other reason than to just claim this prize pack. You can always just horde if for later for when you really do want to play the sport.

Google Play Link: Empire Conquest II

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