DeNA\’s FPS game The Drowning will finally be launching onto Android soon

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DeNA\’s latest success game The Drowning has been out on iOS for a short period of time now and while the game by itself has received a lot of high praises, the free-to-play the sport comes with seems to be a bit of a hot topic of discussion. You may remember all of us talking about this game when it was first announced back in December of last year where it was officially confirmed for iOS but we hit up Bill Cousins on Tweets to get confirmation it would also be arriving for Android as well.

Well it seems that The Drowning is finally going to be arriving onto Android sometime in the very near future. This game is developed by Scattered Amusement which is a game development studio made up of ex-EA Chop team members. For those of you unfamiliar with this game, The Drowning is a high-end FPS game where you will be doing plenty of monster killing.

The game can also be getting its first big raid event this month as well called the Toxic Beast Search. Starting today as well as running until August 14th, this raid objective will have players teaming up, working together in an asynchronous fashion, to take lower a big monster. Prizes include things like rare weaponry and equipment.

It\’s really exciting to continue the actual momentum of our globally launch with our initial live gameplay occasion called the Toxic Animal Hunt. This is an additional real first for any mobile FPS — adding variety to the game in the form of a weeklong competition where our players globally get matched up in order to co-operate and compete to hunt and defeat rare and powerful monsters hidden across our game world. — Ben Cousins, Spread Entertainment

Unfortunately, since this event is actually running this week, that means Android gamers won\’t be able to partake in it. The good thing is that there will be plenty more events like this to participate in. We will be sure to post an update when the sport actually goes live on Google Play.

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