Point-and-click adventure game Broken Sword: The Serpents Curse gets its first video trailer

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During Gamescom 2013 Revolution Software decided to launch the first trailer for the next installment into the Broken Sword number of point-and-click adventure games. This is actually the fifth installment in the franchise and this also is actually the first new sport for Broken Sword in about six years.

For those of you unfamiliar with this franchise, Broken Sword is really a point-and-click adventure series of video games where each one has a specific mystery / criminal offense you have to solve. Sort of like Scooby Doo but without the hippies and dog. In September of last year Revolution Software hit up Kickstarter to get funding for this new game plus they successfully reached their goal of $400,000. Ultimately the company ended up with just a little over $771,000 in funding.

In Broken Sword: The Serpent\’s Curse, you\’ll be helping London figure out the mysterious disappearance of a painting really worth a lot of money. You won\’t end up being just isolated in order to playing as London though, both Henry and Nico will be traveling Europe to solve the actual mystery of the disappearing painting. While the brand new trailer is in France, if you don\’t understand that language you get to at least see some of the animation that will be in the game.

As for when Broken Blade: The Serpent\’s Curse will appear on Android, there isn\’t any specific release day announced just yet.

Thanks in order to BrokenSwordFans on Twitter for that heads up!

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