Play an important role, but not that important, in Double Fine\’s Middle Manager of Justice

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Written by AndrewH

Being middle administration is an interesting role in any company. You\’re somewhat important to the actual every day functionality of that company but you\’re not too important that you can\’t be replaced by someone else. Double Fine is sticking a person in that role in their new game Middle Manager of Justice which is now available on Google Play.

Players will be taking on the role of a new middle supervisor of the newest department of the Justice Corp exactly where you\’ll need to whip all the new heroes of this branch into shape. This means you\’ll be setting up training schedules for heroes to follow, outfitting them with new gear as well as sending them out to fight crime. Actually you are managing characters from when they start at the Justice Corp till their own are full-fledged heroes.

You can also make sure they are doing their own job well by watching their crime fighting antics in real-time. Middle Manager of Justice is a nice entertainment management sport that isn\’t as dry as others within this genre. If you\’re up for taking on this new job, you can download Middle Supervisor of Justice off of Google Play for free. Farmville is optimized for Tegra 3 and higher products but everyone can obtain it.

Google Play Hyperlink: Double Fine\’s Middle Supervisor of Justice

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