[Gamescom 2013] Vivid Games announces their newest title Godfire: Rise of Prometheus

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Written by AndrewH

Vivid Games, developers of Real Punching, have announced their new game they have been working on known as Godfire: Rise of Prometheus. As you may be guessing in the name, this brand new game is inspired by Greek mythology and is a third-person action sport where you\’ll be on offer killing off a variety of monsters.

Players will take control of Prometheus whose goal is to recover the powerful Godfire Spark, bringing this back to the mortal world. This requires you to take on a fairly big journey with plenty of beast slaying to be had. According the the details launched, players will have complete control of their character which indicates that this won\’t be any sort of on-rails type of sport.

With Godfire: Rise of Prometheus, we\’re building upon our prime standards in images and gameplay that people achieved in Real Punching and taking the Not real 3 engine to fantastic new levels. To help with this procedure, we\’ve partnered along with Oscar-nominated animation studio Platige Picture, to work with us on the design, animation and other graphical elements of the game. We\’re also providing the game its own unique visual style through blending the acquainted classical Greek visual with new as well as exciting futuristic elements. – Remi Koscielny, CEO Vibrant Games.

Unfortunately there isn\’t a whole lot more regarding information regarding Godfire released just yet. Vibrant Games does pointed out that this will be a high quality game which hints at this not being a free-to-play title. Right now Godfire: Rise of Prometheus is slated for release at the begining of 2014.

Official Website: Godfire: Rise of Prometheus

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