Red Robot Labs releases Friends Fire! tower defense game, complete with multiplayer

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Written by AndrewH

Red Robot Labs are the folks at the rear of the rather unique location-based MMORPG Life is Magic. The organization has released a brand new game onto Android called Friendly Fire! that is a more comical structure defense game similar in style (visually that is) to other games such as Great Big War Game. Primarily thanks to the comic style the art has in-game.

Friendly Fireplace! actually doesn\’t have friendly fire in it. Instead you\’ll be defending your own base from invading forces using a variety of towers. However this game takes the structure defense genre to a whole new level because locations within the sport are actually also real-life ones. You\’ll also be able to play against other gamers who choose to attack your city.

Friendly Fire! Functions:

– Real-world places: The game is really global. Friendly Fireplace! will allow you to build your head office right in your own home town!
– Weapons of destruction: Build fish tanks, scouts, artillery, and aircraft in order to defeat your rivals.
— Power-ups: Earn power-ups in find it hard to increase damage, hit points, and much more!
-Friendly Fire works on tablets!

You won\’t just have towers possibly but tanks as well as air support additionally. There are both nearby and worldwide leaderboards in order to compete in when you are good at Friendly Fire!. For those of you looking for a little bit deeper of a Tower Defense game to get involved with, Friendly Fire! is available with regard to download off of Search engines Play for free.

Google Perform Link: Friendly Fire!

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