Breach & Clear looks to finally be released onto Android on September 5th

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Written by AndrewH

This upcoming Thursday is starting to look actual good in terms of sport releases on Google android. The newest one to result in the list is the strategic squad-based strategy game Breach & Clear which all of us ave been following since we found out about this. Originally this game was going to be free-to-play but the designers did not want the game mechanics and enjoyable to be ruin so they switched to making the sport a full paid title instead.

Breach & Clear is a strategic warfare game along with highly details Three dimensional visuals and some pretty entertaining looking game play that Robert Bowling, Gun Media and Mighty Rabbit are working on. In this sport players will be controlling a squad of 4 special ops soldiers through different infiltration missions that have different objectives to complete.

The upcoming Google android version will have a ton of new content material as well:

New Missions C Gamers can take their elite unique operations team in order to Freiburg, Germany in a new twist on Breach and Clear. Missions range from open forested areas in order to mysterious compounds where entirely new opponents await.

New Enemies C The Google android launch will see an upswing of more dangerous enemies, forcing special operations teams to encounter lethal snipers, heavy armored units, as well as speed rushers armed with shotguns!

Bomb Defusal C The launch of Android will also mark the inclusion of the first new game mode; bomb defusal. Players will be tasked with locating and defusing bombs within a particular time limit, all whilst fighting off continuous waves of enemies.

To spherical everything off, once the game does land on Google Play this September 5th, 2013, you will be able to pick it to sale to celebrate the game\’s launch for $1.99 that is $2 off the game\’s normal price.

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