Download the free benchmarking app and help get Anomaly 2 ready

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11 Bit Studios is getting close to delivering their upcoming tower offense game Anomaly 2 as well as in order to ensure that the sport runs smoothly upon as many devices as you possibly can, the company has developed a brand new benchmarking app and is providing it up to everyone for free in order to assist test and prepare the game for launch.

Basically what this benchmarking app will is run a series of assessments to see whether or not your own phone\’s hardware (Processor, GPU etc) are designed for the game. Once the application is done running the tests and showing you the results, it will also send the test data in order to 11 Bit Studios where they will use the data gathered to better enhance the game for as numerous devices as possible.

They are doing this because it is the simplest way to find out what devices can handle the graphically rigorous Anomaly 2 game as well as obtaining the fans of the business involved in testing. It goes for both single-player and multiplayer content.

If you\’re up for lending some help, you can read further details about all of this on the recognized post by 11 Bit Studios. You are able to download the app off of Google Play for free.

Google Play Link: Anomaly 2 Benchmarking App

Developer Website: Eleven Bit Studios

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